Innocents Relief is a volunteer-staffed organisation which began in Australia in May 1962. Currently over 500 children are sponsored individually, while thousands more are helped through members donations to 45 Centres in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, The Philippines, Peru, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Timor Leste, Kenya and Papua New Guinea. 

We believe that to change the imbalance that exists between the developed countries we must educate the children, show them love and understanding, and provide them with the opportunity to build a better world.


Why you should donate to Innocents Relief

97% of your donation is passed on to the children in need.  We keep our costs low thanks to our volunteer staff.

We believe every child should have access to quality education. It is through education that children learn good hygiene, how to stay safe and improve their future.

We work with established children's homes and schools to ensure our money is helping the most needy and provides long term help.  We are in regular contact with our centres to ensure that your money is used appropriately.

Innocents Relief has been operating for over 50 years.