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Innocents Relief President in the Catholic Leader

Retiring President Colin Apelt talks about the world 50 years ago, when he and a group of friends founded the charity Innocents Relief and what keeps him going after the realisation of the enormity of the need of the world's poorest children. Read more...

Nepal Earthquake Relief

In the aftermath of the devastating Nepalese earthquakes, one of our office staff and her sister launched a small social media campaign to raise funds to help rebuild the Disability Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) in Kathmandu. This centre, funded by the Iceland Trekking Company in Kathmandu, houses, educates and rehabilitates (when required) 100 children who are either disabled, orphaned or victims of domestic violence. All were made homeless after the quakes. Read More...

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2 months 3 days ago

Progress has been made!
Our school at Maubara, Timor Leste has undergone major repairs and is now weather proof thanks to our generous members.
However, so much more is needed:
Tables, chairs, blackboard and cupboards in these classrooms.....and overcrowding is still a major concern.

Maubara School needs 2 more classrooms for the children to be taught effectively. The only government funding the school receives is for teachers' wages. The parents are unable to pay fees and the archdiocesan funds are stretched between many schools.

Innocents Relief contributes funds to children in many schools. None need our help more than the students at Maubara. If you can help, please donate through our website

4 months 2 weeks ago

When there aren’t enough prams it’s time to get creative ✅
This Centre in Johannesburg takes in orphans of Aids victims. Many of these children will also be HIV positive. Innocents Relief is helping the very dedicated staff at SAF03 to house, feed and educate these gorgeous little people.
If you’d like to help out, go to💕👍🏼

4 months 2 weeks ago

Here's a short video about what we do here at Innocents Relief. Please feel free to like, share and show this to your friends!

4 months 3 weeks ago

Celebrating 28 years of service from Rosalind Viney!
This amazing lady joined the Innocents Relief team in 1990 and was responsible for computerising our financial records.
Rosalind’s recall and attention to detail are skills greatly valued by us all.
We thank you and hope you will be with us for many years to come Ros 💕💐

5 months 2 days ago

Innocents Relief shared a post.

5 months 4 days ago

Update on TAN 04 Water Bore Project

Raised: $9,770
Target: $14,000 (USD 10,000)

So close!

Work begins on the bore in March with faith, hope and a prayer that more funds will come to help over 1000 students receive clean drinking water.

Every bit counts.

Go to to donate now

Thank you!

5 months 4 days ago

Life in Aitape, PNG. Its tricky.

This email sent recently from our Director at PNG 02, Frank Evans, sums up the daily struggles in remote areas of PNG for access to reliable electricity, internet and school supplies. But the problems don't end there......

I am sitting on the beachfront again because the network at the School is not functioning.
We finally have power again, albeit four hours on and four hours off. But there was no power at all for four days when the Power Station ran out of fuel. I didn't have much perishable food but what I did have went rotten before I could cook it. I am beginning to look like a tuna fish!

The cause of the problem is that a very large bridge between Wewak and Aitape washed away in a flood. There is now no road between Aitape and Wewak. And it is still raining today. I hope there is a let up soon as I have to make the trip to Wewak just two weeks from Monday. I drove down to the big river last Wednesday to pick up a stationary order for the School. It was carried across the river carton by carton.

To add to our worries, the National Department of Education is charging and suspending Headmasters of schools who are charging school fees*. Our young fellow is under stress. I am glad that I am here. There is going to be a big fight.

A grey day today but the three islands rise in grandeur from the ocean in front if me.
Peace and Hope

*The PNG Government has stated that education is to be free for all students. Unfortunately schools receive very little or no funding from the government to run their schools. Hence the need to charge fees. The PNG 02 school is heavily subsidised by Innocents Relief donors but still needs to ask for school fees from those who can afford to pay.....its tricky.

5 months 3 weeks ago

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our two urgent projects.

To date, $7,120 has been raised to sink a bore and install tanks to provide clean, safe drinking water for children attending the Holy Cross Nursery and Primary School in Tanzania. We are closing in on our $10,000 target.

$9,000 has been raised towards a target of $20,000 to buy a bus so that girls attending the Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Kerala, India can travel safely.

Getting an education is a huge challenge for many children around the world. Providing clean water and a bus will make it a little easier for these children to persevere with their education. They deserve the opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty through education.

If you would like to donate please contact IR at

6 months 30 minutes ago

Innocents Relief is seeking donations to meet urgent needs in schools which it supports in Tanzania and India.

Holy Cross Nursery and Primary School, Tanzania

The school's drinking water comes directly from a local river which has become contaminated. The school needs to sink its own bore and install tanks to provide clean water for its students and teachers. AUD 10,000 is needed.

Immaculate Heart of Mary School, Kerala, India

Public transport is not safe for girls in the school catchment area. Supply of its own bus would mean that girls at the school could travel safely to educational events. AUD 20,000 is needed.

IR believes that these projects are worthy of our support because they impact directly on the students' capacity to perservere with their education.

If you could make a donation, large or small, to help fund these projects please email us at