Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to become a member of Innocents Relief?

Annual Membership fee is $15.00, and $160.00 annually for each child sponsored. (All of the $175 is tax-deductible, as is any donation of $2 or more, if you prefer to donate a lesser amount to a Centre.)

What is the money used for?

Ours is a sponsorship scheme. All money donated is used for the education and welfare of children. Any money left after administration costs is sent to Centres having particular needs.  Many people send yearly donations and these are used to support Centres having a special need.

How can you be sure the money is used for the children?

We are in regular contact with the “Directors” of each Centre and hear from them several times a year. The directors are required to account for money sent and the sponsored children also keep in touch with the sponsors. We get to know the correspondents and are confident of their honesty and concern for the children.

How long has Innocents Relief been going?

Innocents Relief was established in 1962. Our founder Professor Colin Apelt O.A.M., has recently retired after being president at the helm for all but 3 of those year. Our volunteers tend to remain for many years, as they see so much evidence of the value of their work. The current volunteers come in every Thursday and have done so for many years.

How do you manage with such a small overhead?

All work is done by dedicated volunteers, including our Auditor. The Parish at St. Lucia gives us an office and electricity at no charge; the Bank of Qld discounts our bank costs; annual newsletter/report is produced as cheaply as possible, sometimes for the cost of paper and toner. The ongoing expenses are stamps, stationery, bank charges and photocopier servicing.

Am I able to write to my sponsored child?

Yes, writing to your sponsored child is encouraged.  At the beginning of your sponsorship, we provide you with your child’s contact details.  We never provide your contact details to the centre. Any communication we receive from your centre/child will be forwarded to you.

Are we able to visit the centres?

Yes – and we love to receive feedback from sponsors visiting centres while travelling overseas.

If you have more questions, contact us.