We are an Australian based charity and believe the way to break the cycle of poverty is through education.

Through child sponsorship, we send money to 45 centres around the world with thousands of students being educated and fed each day.

97% of all money donated is used to educate children.


These children need your help now

Linet is 8 years. She is in class 2, currently in our school (Salesan Primary School).
Her father passed away and left behind seven children with their mother who live in a small house at the market. The father passed away in the year 2011. They hardly get enough to feed and pay for their fees.
The pupil is determined to read if supported or if sponsored.
They have nothing to support them, because they have no land to cultivate and get food for sale.
We are appealing to the well-wishers to consider Linet Marigu to continue learning and help her accordingly.

Christine comes from a poverty stricken family.  Due to an accident her father lost the sight in one eye. He is able to drive an Auto-rickshaw, his income is very low.

Christine is in grade 2, she has two younger sisters (twins). They study in Lower Kindergarten.